Quirky Topics

No field of law presents more crazy, oddball, and quirky scenarios as does employment law.  Dorsey’s Quirky Employment Questions blog addresses these questions as they arise in real world employment law practice.  The blog was inspired by the numerous questions we routinely receive from clients, as well as the often bizarre fact patterns in reported cases or news articles relating to employment topics.  These questions, cases, and articles have also become the basis for an annual seminar during which Dorsey attorneys review a few dozen of the most unusual inquiries we receive or observe during the preceding year.

If you would be interested in writing an article for the Quirky Questions Blog, please contact Joel O’Malley at omalley.joel@dorsey.com.

Other changes, improvements and additions will be made to the Blog in the future, so stay tuned. Now that we have moved to a new Blog platform, we have increased flexibility with respect to available features. In the future, look for periodic polls on employment topics, mixed media presentations, a new Blog roll, “client only” materials, and other innovations.

We are hopeful that you will participate in this electronic forum, contributing your ideas and insights, and sharing your own workplace stories.  In addition to offering your insights and analyses of the questions presented, we invite you to send us, at the email address above, questions or general subject areas you would like to see addressed in future Quirky Questions postings.  Similarly, as we strive to improve the blog continually, we invite your comments and feedback.